Diabetes, though manageable, can also be unpredictable.

Diabetes, a disorder that affects the way your body uses food for energy, is a manageable condition. From glucometers to insulin pumps, advances in medicine and technology offer numerous methods for maintaining a healthy and fulfilling life as a diabetic. But still, sometimes even the most controlled diabetic can fall victim to unexpected highs and lows (hyper- and hypo-glycemia).


I speak from personal - very personal - experience. At the age of three, I was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes (a.k.a. "Type 1" or "child onset"). Now 26, diabetes is a part of my identity. I am a diabetic...


If you have diabetes, you know that there is no "vacation" from it. Diabetes offers no escape. No safe haven. No vacation. Ever. When you are diabetic, carbohydrates must be counted, blood sugar levels tested and insulin regulated - all several times each day.


Since switching from Humulin N insulin to Humulog (mealtime) and Lantus (nighttime) insulin, I've had several instances of severe hypoglycemia - all at night. Each time, my husband was awakened by me seizing and sweating.


In every instance, I was quickly slipping into a diabetic coma - every minute another step towards an onslaught of potential complications - blindness, paralysis, brain damage. I always remember little after the fact. I will, however, never forget the trauma it caused my husband. All I could ever say was "thank God you're a light sleeper." But, what if he hadn't been a light sleeper? What then? What if I lived alone? Where would I be now? Would I be at all?


Enter DiabeticAlerts, a service designed by a diabetic, DiabeticAlerts.com lets you register to receive automated phone calls to ensure you are not in the midst of a low blood sugar attack. If you're in need of help, DiabeticAlerts.com will immediately phone the people who you select as "emergency contacts", one at a time, until we successfully connect with someone who can help you.