How It Works

A service designed by a diabetic especially for people who live alone, DiabeticAlerts lets you register to receive automated phone calls to ensure you're not falling victim to low blood sugar. If you're in need of help, DiabeticAlerts will immediately phone the people you select as "emergency contacts", one at a time, until we successfully connect with someone who can help you. The automated operator will tell them you missed the scheduled check-in and are in need of help.

Is It That Easy?

Yes. You give your diabetes enough time as it is so, we designed to be fast, easy and effective.
1. DiabeticAlerts will call you at the time of day you choose.
2. After you answer the call, the automated operator will ask you to enter a random 3-digit code.
3. Hang up and rest easy with peace of mind.

What Happens If I Need Help?

When you register with DiabeticAlerts, you will be asked to enter the phone numbers of one or two emergency contacts. If you're experiencing a low blood sugar attack, and don't answer the phone or are unable to properly enter the 3-digit code, DiabeticAlerts will immediately call your emergency contact(s).