According to, 26.3
million Americans currently have

We will call you at the time of day
you choose to make sure you don’t need
help because of low blood sugar...

We will immediately call your emergency contacts if you are
unable to answer the phone...

Pricing is cost-effective and sign up is easy.

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As a diabetic college student living
on my own, DiabeticAlerts is a godsend!
Both my friends and especially my parents
feel better knowing that if I
miss a check-in they will
know within minutes.

Jenny K.
Springfield, MA

Welcome to DiabeticAlerts

A service designed by a diabetic, Diabetic lets you register to receive automated phone calls to ensure you're not falling victim to low blood sugar. If you're in need of help, will immediately phone the people who you select as "emergency contacts", one at a time, until we successfully connect with someone who can help you. Read More.

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